A downloadable game for Windows

A MMO where you learn from ghosts to forge the sacred sword

In the future, ghosts have been proven to be a real thing and war have been declared against these un-godly beings, and you, the top marine have been send to a sacred tomb to investigate if the rumors are true, about the remnants of the ghost gathering at this place, to put a end to their madness once and for all. 

But the hubris of mankind have send you in alone, unprepared and unaware of the dangerous perils these dark corners of the world holds, and to no avail you are be slain. The remnants of the ghost now binds your life force within this ominous entity, which binds all life forms on earth.

You are nor good nor evil, seek the advice of the ancient ghosts who made the sword in ancient time and learn how to restore it its powers, and restore balance in the world as you see fit.

What I made

  • Art
  • Voice acting
  • Coding

Cheat codes (If something should go wrong)

  • G = Resets your ghosts (if they get stuck)
  • F7+8+9 = Fill outs the bars (of effects on humans) to win the game

Music credits : Download "Music credits"

Install instructions

  1. Download "Ominous Entity"
  2. UNZIP
  3. Run "Ominous.exe"
  4. Play


Music credits.png 53 kB
Ominous Entity x32.zip 65 MB
Ominous Entity - x64 - V. 76 MB

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